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ZephIR technology: Masdar of Abu Dhabi procures two ZephIR 300 wind lidars

ZephIR technology has been chosen by both Masdar Power and Masdar Institute of Science and Technology to provide wind measurements in challenging desert conditions in Abu Dhabi. The two ZephIR 300 systems will be used to produce high resolution wind resource maps for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) while assisting a number of partner developing countries in the assessment of their wind energy resources. Masdar Power is a developer and operator of renewable power generation projects and Masdar... [more]

Zummer Homes: Zummer homes achieve zero dependence on fossil fuels

By incorporating eco-conscious elements behind every door, wall, floor and window and in every nook and cranny, Zummer homes achieve zero dependence on fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas and are 100% off the electrical grid. In fact, owners receive checks from the their local electric provider by selling unused electricity back to the company. Living in a green, energy free home, one with zero dependency on oil, gas or local utility companies, is now affordable and fashionable with the ... [more]

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