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Yes Solar Power: Solar Power Inc to establish Yes Solar Power dealers in Spain and Portugal

Historically, Spain has been a model market for the solar industry and this region of Europe. The Country continues to play an important role as the residential and small commercial market segments’ adoption of solar energy solutions advances. Due to the Country’s feed-in tariffs, Spain added more than three (3) gigawatts of new solar power in 2008 which was more than all of the new installations achieved globally in 2007. Solar Power, Inc. (SPI) has signed a sales representation agreement w... [more]

YIMBY Generation: Making microgeneration a viable and desirable option for every household

The UK Government is expected to set ambitious targets of up to 80 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050. With 75 per cent of all household CO2 emissions coming from water and space heating, the Energy Saving Trust believes that microgeneration heat technologies could make a significant contribution in helping to meet the UK's carbon reductions. A new report (YIMBY Generation) examining consumer attitudes towards microgeneration heat technologies released by the Energy Saving Trust and... [more]

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