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XPX energy technology: XET announces photovoltaic power extraction breakthrough

XET has executed an option agreement to sell its technology for $100 million to EOS Renewable Technologies. In a technical memorandum EOS is releasing, for the first time, data from the U.S. Army, Navy and Marines that has been declassified demonstrating significant improvements in the performance of solar energy systems using XET’s technology. These improvements represent billions of dollars in profits for solar developers while reducing the cost of solar power for everyone. The first licens... [more]

XTRAX Solar Energy Monitoring System: XTRAX provides monitoring of energy production from wind, solar-thermal, geo-thermal and tidal facilities

Clear Skies Solar, Inc. has announced the successful completion of field testing on its patented XTRAX® Solar Energy Monitoring System. The patented system, designed and developed by Clear Skies Solar’s in-house research and development department, will deliver reliable autonomous data readings for solar energy systems around the United States. Additionally, the XTRAX® system can also provide monitoring of energy production from wind, solar-thermal, geo-thermal, tidal and other types of facil... [more]

Xantrex Gateway monitoring system: Wireless monitoring solution for small scale solar power installations

Xantrex Technology Inc. has announced the launch of its Xantrex™ Gateway monitoring system, a wireless monitoring solution for small scale solar power installations. The Xantrex Gateway is the central communication component of a residential or small commercial solar energy system. It keeps the system owner informed about the system’s operation and energy production from any location. The Gateway’s wireless capability bridges the gap between Xantrex single phase grid tie (GT) inverters and th... [more]

XTRAX Solar Monitoring System: Clear Skies Group announces TetraPort Solar Energy Carport System

Clear Skies Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear Skies Solar, Inc. has announced its new TetraPort Solar Energy Carport System. Designed for corporations seeking to implement “green” practices while maintaining the architectural integrity of their complexes, the TetraPort encompasses spans of up to forty feet or more and includes independent AC power outlets for electric or hybrid automobiles. Constructed from steel and aluminum, the TetraPort can be painted any color to reflect the indi... [more]

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