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new middle school in Lebanon: Biomass Commodities Corporation and Trumbull-Nelson Construction Company completing wood pellet heating system at Lebanon middle school

School Administrative Unit (SAU) #88 designed the new Lebanon Middle School to include the two wood pellet fired boilers to heat the entire 100,000 square foot building. The two wood pellet boilers provide all of the heat for the new building. A solar array will produce hot water during shoulder and summer seasons. Due to this innovative design and the inclusion of renewable energy systems, the new building will burn zero fossil fuels. A Northeast CHPS rating as a high performance school is an... [more]

National Energy Management Exhibition (NEMEX): Major industry speakers to address key energy issues and behavioural change at National Energy Management Exhibition (NEMEX)

National Energy Management Exhibition (NEMEX) opens at the NEC Birmingham in May 2012, featuring a new second conference theatre to mark its 30th anniversary with a host of top-level keynote speakers who will be expanding the ideas and available advice for energy professionals. One of the country’s leading environmentalists, Tony Juniper, will be spearheading the NEMEX seminar programme, alongside a number of influential MPs, including Barry Gardiner MP, Ed Milliband’s Special Envoy on Clima... [more]

nuclear electricity vs renewable energy sources: As a result of high costs, low demand, and recent disasters, global nuclear generation capacity falls

The latest Vital Signs Online (VSO) report from the Worldwatch Institute indicates that due to increasing costs of production, a slowed demand for electricity, and fresh memories of disaster in Japan, production of nuclear power fell in 2011. Despite reaching record levels the previous year, global installed nuclear capacity, the potential power generation from all existing plants, declined to 366.5 gigawatts (GW) in 2011, from 375.5 GW at the end of 2010. Not surprisingly, this drop in in... [more]

Niobrara Energy Park: Niobrara Hybrid Energy Park could become a national center of learning in how to best manage the hybrid fossil plus renewable energy infrastructure

The Niobrara Energy Park is a 640-acre project that will integrate natural gas and renewable energy generation facilities, including solar and wind energy, with data centers and energy research. With zoning approvals by Weld County Commissioners in place, the greenfield project is now process-shovel-ready. Commissioner Dave Long said of the park, “I’ve said in the past that Weld County is the energy center of Colorado, but this may make Weld County the energy center of the West, if not the na... [more]

NanoCSP: NANOGEN's portable solar power plant can be deployed within 48 hours

NANOGEN Power Systems' NanoCSP™ line of modular and totally portable Solar Power Plants bring the economics and efficiency of large scale CSP (Collecting Solar Power) solar systems to the 250kW to 10MW marketplace. NANOGEN’s portable solar power plants are available in multiples of 250kW up to 1MW. The entire power plant is self-contained and packaged in steel cargo containers which can be shipped worldwide by sea, barge, truck or rail. Upon arrival the containers are aligned with the sun, b... [more]

Nitrogen trifluoride NF3: Malibu thin-film solar module factory eliminates the use of nitrogen trifluoride

Malibu has launched the world’s first thin-film solar module factory that completely eliminates the use of nitrogen trifluoride (NF3), a greenhouse gas with a significant global warming potential, from the manufacturing process. Working in close collaboration with researchers from technology provider Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, scientists at Malibu’s development centre in Bielefeld, Germany, have developed an improved cleaning process using on-site generated fluorine (F2) made... [more]

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