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low carbon energy: Carbon free energy system presented at Energy Roadmap 2050

In March 2011, the European Commission published the overall decarbonisation roadmap covering the whole economy. All sectors, power generation, transport, residential, industry and agriculture, were analysed. The Commission has also been preparing sectoral roadmaps, among which the Energy Roadmap 2050 is the last one, focusing on the whole energy sector. In order to cut emissions by over 80% by 2050, Europe's energy production will have to be almost carbon-free. How to achieve this without d... [more]

Levels And Moors Biomass Solar LAMBS project: Solar PV array for Somerset LAMBS Project

The photovoltaics (PV) array development in the South Somerset village of Long Sutton is expected to be completed in March 2011 and will create solar power through a series of ground mounted solar panels, covering around two acres on a six acre site. But what makes this even more remarkable is that, unlike so many other renewable energy projects, this one is being undertaken by a husband and wife team, Nick Gould and Lynne Lawrence, who are owner-occupiers as the PV array site is on their reside... [more]

LifeVillage: Envision Solar's LifeVillage offers rapid deployment of solar-integrated buildings to provide shelter and clean energy in times of crises

Envision Solar International, Inc. has announced its newest solar innovation, the LifeVillage™, which offers rapid and widespread deployment of safe, system-built, solar-integrated buildings that provide shelter and clean energy in times of crises. Using efficient solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, Envision Solar’s LifeVillage offers clean energy and durable steel-framed buildings where traditional electrical power generation and the associated transmission and distribution infrastructure cannot... [more]

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED: Icynene spray foam insulation used for net zero energy home

Connecticut’s first net zero energy home, a 3600 sq ft New England Farm House Style home, was completed in November 2009 resulting in a house requiring no fossil fuels for heating and hot water, no net electrical usage from the utility company and no emissions from fuel burning equipment. Icynene spray foam insulation was used in concert with other energy efficient technologies such as solar power as part of a “whole-house” approach to building the net zero energy home. Icynene was applied in... [more]

Low Carbon Buildings Programme LCBP: Closure of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme could put the brakes on the growth of renewables in the UK

The Low Carbon Buildings Programme (LCBP) scheme was closed to applications on Monday 24 May 2010, and although projects which have already applied for funding will be considered, no new applications can now be made. Dimplex has expressed concern over the sudden closure of the Low Carbon Buildings Programme following the new coalition government’s withdrawal of grant funding for renewables projects as part of its plan to make immediate spending cuts of £6 billion. The scheme has been key t... [more]

Lithium iron phosphate LFP cell: International Battery partners with HNU Energy to assess the effectiveness of storing solar energy using new more-efficient battery technology

Storing energy from renewable sources is vital for managing variations in electricity production, improving power quality and stabilizing the power grid. International Battery have recently teamed with HNU Energy to participate in a solar power generation and energy storage project in Maui, Hawaii. The project, recently put into operation, will assess the effectiveness of storing solar energy using new, more-efficient battery technology. The renewable energy system is comprised of sixty 2... [more]

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