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KhepriCoat solar anti-reflective coating: DSM's KhepriCoat solar anti-reflective coating system boosts light transmission of solar glass sheets by 4 percent

DSM Functional Coatings has announced the further optimization of its KhepriCoat™ solar anti-reflective coating system. The improvements have already resulted in a significant contribution to the first multicrystalline-silicon solar panels in the world to achieve a conversion efficiency of 17%, which were produced recently by REC and ECN (Energy research Center of the Netherlands). DSM’s KhepriCoat™ solar anti-reflective coating system boosts light transmission of solar glass sheets by around... [more]

KC175GH-2P solar module: European Court of Justice installs Kyocera solar modules on its new building

Kyocera Corporation has announced that the European Court of Justice, officially known as the Court of Justice of the European Communities, has installed Kyocera solar modules on its new building. Quality was the decisive factor in installing a photovoltaic system composed of Kyocera solar modules at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg. The roof of the new building will be lined with 2,262 KC175GH-2P modules with a total capacity of 400 kWp, and the system is expected to generate an ... [more]

Kerr wood burning boiler: Trianco Photovoltaic panels are designed to be low maintenance

Photovoltaic panels work by converting light into low-cost electrical power for domestic and commercial users. Thin layers of semi-conducting material in voltaic cells are encased between sheets of glass or plastic and generate an electric charge when exposed to direct light. As well as being a green energy source, PV panels are increasingly popular because they can be connected to local electricity networks, allowing excess solar power to be sold to the utility provider in turn electricity c... [more]

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