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HookStop tile: HookStop tile - new shock absorbing roof tile

A new shock absorbing roof tile designed to simplify the installation and improve the durability of solar PV arrays was unveiled for the first time at this year's Solar Power UK exhibition at The NEC in Birmingham. Called HookStop, the patented new tile is purpose-designed to replace fragile plain or rosemary tiles that sit directly under the roof hooks used to support the mounting rails of a roof-mounted solar PV installation. "Even when great care is taken, every PV installer knows how eas... [more]

HBox Solar: Solar PhotoVoltaic Powered Hydrogen Generator by ITM Power is the first green stand-alone hydrogen generation solution

Sustainable energy expert ITM Power was assisted by Tharsus design and engineering in creating the first truly ‘green’ stand-alone hydrogen generation solution. The unique HBox Solar (Solar PhotoVoltaic Powered Hydrogen Generator) is the latest in cutting edge hydrogen generation systems. The hydrogen unit uses solar panels to generate electricity which is then translated into hydrogen; making it completely off-grid and environmentally friendly. ITM Power uses its own patented HCore el... [more]

Hornblower hybrid ferry: Hornblower hybrid ferry will run on a combination of diesel engines, hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels and wind turbines

Statue Cruises has signed an agreement with Derecktor Shipyards in Bridgeport, CT to complete the world’s first Hybrid Ferry using Hydrogen fuel by April 2011. The new 1,400-horsepower Hornblower Hybrid will run on a combination of energy generated by clean Tier 2 diesel engines, hydrogen fuel cells, solar panels and wind turbines. Power will come from a proton exchange membrane fuel cell that turns hydrogen into electricity. In addition, solar panels and wind turbines will help power the ves... [more]

HelioTrough: Solar Millennium begins testing its HelioTrough parabolic trough solar radiation collector technology

Solar Trust of America's subsidiary, Solar Millennium LLC, has begun testing its advanced parabolic trough solar radiation collector technology, called HelioTrough, at an existing solar power plant in the southwestern United States. The testing is designed to assess performance efficiency under commercial operating conditions before being deployed at proposed solar thermal energy power plants throughout the world. Developed by The Solar Millennium Group’s technology subsidiary, Flagsol GmbH, ... [more]

Hybrid Ancillary Power Units Hybrid-APU: Hybrid-APU helps manage fluctuations in demand in Chile

AES Energy Storage and A123 Systems have announced the commercial operation of a 12 MW frequency regulation and spinning reserve project at AES Gener’s Los Andes substation in the Atacama Desert, Chile. The project will help improve the reliability of the electric grid in Northern Chile and uses A123 Systems' Hybrid Ancillary Power Units (Hybrid-APU™), a lithium-ion battery system. AES Energy Storage and AES Gener are both subsidiaries of The AES Corporation. AES Energy Storage and A123 Syste... [more]

HB 80 bill: HB 80 bill means green jobs and cleaner energy for Pennsylvania

Citizens for Pennsylvania’s Future (PennFuture) has praised the House Environmental and Energy Committee for passing HB 80, the Green Jobs/Clean Energy Bill, which will increase Pennsylvania’s supply of solar and wind energy, and move the state into the forefront in significantly reducing carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. “This bill is another great leap forward in our drive to make energy cleaner and safer,” said Jan Jarrett, president and CEO of PennFuture. “It will more than d... [more]

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