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Ecolux 70: Ecolux(TM) 70 the Next Generation in Low-E Window Film Technology Announced by Solar Gard

Home and building owners now have a new tool at their disposal to help make their environment as comfortable and sustainable as possible, thanks to the launch of Solar Gard's new Ecolux 70 Low-E window film. This state of the art invention represents the next generation of Low-E window film technology for the modern sustainable home and building, helping all occupants to enjoy maximum comfort and energy savings year round. Ecolux contains an innovative dual action technology that combines a L... [more]

EPC: Part of the Boom, Large-Scale Solar Market is set for Revival

The UK’s large-scale solar market is set for a revival as PV component prices have dropped to a point where the Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROCs) incentive is once more viable. Greg Barker, Minister of State for Energy at DECC, has announced his expectations of deployment under ROCs to be between 300MW-600MW this financial year. Just last week UK-based company Hive Energy put forward plans to develop a 25MW solar park in Suffolk, partnering with Moser Baer to deliver the £40 million sch... [more]

EnterSolar: EnterSolar Announces Completion of Solar Project for Ontel Products Corp.

EnterSolar completed a 228 kilowatt (kW) solar photovoltaic (PV) system for Ontel Products Corporation (“Ontel”), a pioneer in the “As Seen On TV” industry and a leader in the direct response & retail market. The solar PV system was installed on the roof of Ontel’s Corporate Headquarters facility located at 21 Law Drive, Fairfield, NJ and was formally placed into service in December 2011. “Ontel has a strong commitment to environmentally-sustainable business practices”, said Chuck Khuban... [more]

Electric vehicule industry: Electric vehicule industry : large investment and development in India

Tata Group of India bought Corus - formerly British Steel. Tata Steel Europe is now developing a revolutionary technology to use solar electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel cells. Subsidiary Tata Motors, the largest motor company in India, bought Jaguar Land Rover for a mere one billion dollars from Ford which was making a distress sale in the last recession to avoid entering Chapter 11 like GM and Chrysler, companies that imploded due to spectacular mis-management and s... [more]

Energy Roadmap 2050: Carbon free energy system presented at Energy Roadmap 2050

In March 2011, the European Commission published the overall decarbonisation roadmap covering the whole economy. All sectors, power generation, transport, residential, industry and agriculture, were analysed. The Commission has also been preparing sectoral roadmaps, among which the Energy Roadmap 2050 is the last one, focusing on the whole energy sector. In order to cut emissions by over 80% by 2050, Europe's energy production will have to be almost carbon-free. How to achieve this without d... [more]

Enecsys Duo: Enecsys' solar PV micro inverters deliver up to 20 percent more energy harvest than string inverters

Compared to solar PV installations that use string inverters, micro inverters deliver 5% to 20% greater energy harvest over the system lifetime by applying Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to each solar module to optimize energy harvest. As a result, there is no dramatic reduction in system output when a solar module, or part of a module, has its output reduced by shading or build-up of surface debris. This is because each solar module and its connected micro inverter act as an independent AC... [more]

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