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The entrance of third generation solar cells, such as dye sensitized solar cells (“DSSCs”), is expected to open up new possibilities in the solar market. DSSCs will provide added functionalities like lower weight, flexibility, and semi-transparency, and the use of low cost materials and simple manufacturing processes mean lowered overall costs. Developers of DSSCs believe that these benefits will allow for the use of photovoltaics in ways in which conventional cells do not allow for. However, ... [more]

Definitive Solar Library: Principal Solar launches online reference center dedicated exclusively to solar energy

Principal Solar, Inc. is a publicly traded renewable energy holding company which concentrates its resources on the acquisition, finance, development and management of solar power companies to rapidly advance the inevitable utilization of solar power. The company is building the world’s first online library dedicated exclusively to the field of solar energy – a 24-hour gateway to current information, perspectives and thought-leadership Principal Solar, Inc. has now launched the Definitive Sol... [more]

DSF arrestor: Carlo Gavazzi's DSF surge arrestors ensure transient overvoltage protection for combiner boxes in photovoltaic systems

Carlo Gavazzi's new surge protection devices provide backup protection without internal fuses. The DSF surge arrestors embody a special internal backup that ensures they remain safe at the end of varistor life, thus ensuring the safest transient overvoltage protection for combiner boxes in photovoltaic systems. An addition to Carlo Gavazzi's solar energy portfolio, these DSF surge arrestors comply with new and emerging standards for DC-side surge protection in PV systems, in particular the n... [more]

DHPL 12kw pump: Lichfield Cricket and Hockey Club takes advantage of a more sustainable and affordable energy source

The Lichfield Cricket and Hockey Club runs a large clubhouse supporting many local sporting teams. The £10,000 per year cost of running its electric heating and hot water system was becoming a huge drain on club funds. Therefore the organising committee sought a more cost effective solution, with funding support through the Low Carbon Buildings Programme. The club decided to install a ground source heat pump for space heating, along with solar panels on the roof to provide hot water. To ensur... [more]

Duoplain PV Tile: Redland Solar PV Tile system is quick and easy to install and integrates aesthetically into the roof

When chartered surveyor Tony Dawkins built his own house, he decided on a roof integrated 3.17kWp Redland Duoplain PV Tile system. The inclusion of solar PV technology was essential and the 72 PV tiles fitted flush with the surrounding Duoplain concrete tiles to give an aesthetically pleasing roof satisfying planning requirements. Tony also wanted to have one contractor install the traditional roof tiles and PV system, minimising the risk of damage during the installation whilst taking advant... [more]

Daikin Solar Thermal System: Daikin UK launches Daikin Solar Thermal System

The use of solar collectors is a very effective way of utilising the free energy from the sun. In fact, when averaged over an entire year, the sun delivers half of the energy we need to bring our domestic water up to the desired temperature – and like most “free” resources, demand for equipment that allows us to capture this valuable resource is on the up. Daikin UK has announced the launch of the Daikin Solar Thermal System for the UK market place. The Daikin Solar Thermal System will comple... [more]

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