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Clean+21: CleanFizz unveils the world’s first truly clean Autonomous Outdoor Solar Lighting

The company expects to launch the production of this revolutionary solar outdoor lighting in the 4th quarter of 2012. Geneva, Switzerland, August 15th 2012 – CleanFizz SA, today’s world leader in self-cleaning solar technologies, has developed and patented the first truly ecological and autonomous solar street lighting. Clean+21 is a state of the art concept of independent, off grid and intelligent solar street lighting that does not use batteries. The solution consists of a self-clea... [more]

Concentrating Solar Power: No show stoppers for Concentrating Solar Power

In the wake of Chinese export restrictions on rare earth metals, the dependence of some renewable technologies on scarce materials has gained attention. Several players in the wind and PV industry are struggling to get away from excessive use of restricted elements, such as indium or rare earth metals. Meanwhile, there has been a shared notion amongst solar scientists and industry that Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) should “probably” be less restricted, being built mainly on commonplace commodi... [more]

CONCERTO project: Demonstrating the potential of solar energy- Concerto Project

The Intersolar Europe, traditionally held in Munich in June, is the leading global trade fair for the photovoltaic and solar thermal energy sectors. This year, once again, trends have been evident here that will influence construction and renovation projects in the years to come. The projects of the EU initiative CONCERTO already illustrate how ideas presented at the trade fair can be put into practice. In the scope of the CONCERTO 58 cities and communities in 23 European countries are collab... [more]

CO2 emissions: SKF Solar Linear Actuators reduce CO2 emissions while increasing solar power generation

Recently, SKF announced that the SKF Solar Linear Actuator-CASD-60, a BeyondZero Portfolio product, contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions by increasing the energy production from one solar panel by 5.8 MWh/year. This equates to a reduction per solution of 4.4 tonnes CO2/year* (according to world power grid mix CO2 factor of 0.749 kg CO2/kWh). On average, a 15% increase in power generation can be anticipated in comparison to rigid PV solar panel systems. “Harnessing renewable energy ... [more]

CleanCharge Electric Vehicle Charging: Envision Solar to provide solar parking arrays for Renewvia Energy projects

Envision Solar’s solar parking arrays provide both shade and clean electricity for their owners. The highly engineered designs are ideal for parking structures and surface lots, and environments that prefer competitively priced clean renewable energy. Additionally, they create added value for the property in the form of covered parking. Envision Solar International, Inc. has been selected by Renewvia Energy to be the exclusive provider of EnvisionTrak™ Solar Tree® structures and CleanCharge™... [more]

CW60 Solar: Reynaers' CS104 high insulation window system meets the PassivHaus standard

Reynaers' high insulation window system, the CS104, will make its debut at EcoBuild in March and with a Uw value of 0.78 W/m²K, for complete window frame, it meets and will be certified to the PassivHaus standards. Other new Reynaers products to feature will include the new sliding system CP130 and the curtain walling system CW60 Solar that incorporates photovoltaic panels. The CS104 is a triple glazed window system designed to meet the exacting ‘PassivHaus’ standard and as such significantl... [more]

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