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Ameco Solar: AMECO Solar Announces New $250 Referral Program

AMECO Solar, Southern California's commercial and residential solar energy expert since 1974, is pleased to announce its new Referral Program, offering $250 payouts to those who encourage the use of renewable energy while at the same time decreasing their carbon footprint by utilizing AMECO Solarís services. AMECO Solar has been very fortunate to see substantial growth over the last two years due largely to satisfied customer referrals. So why not encourage more recommendations with a Refe... [more]

Ameco Solar: Solar Industry: Then & Now | Interview with AMECO Solar CEO Patrick Redgate

How did you get started in the solar industry? I got into solar because I was working for an engineering firm in Saudi Arabia in the 70ís. When I came back from Saudi Arabia, I said this is not sustainable. Thatís probably not the word I used, but thatís a really popular word now and itís really an important one because when I came back to America I realized this isnít a business that I wanted to do. I wanted to get in the business of saving the planet. Now however, solar has been a rock... [more]

AZUR SOLAR Power Kits: Covers to install solar AZUR SOLAR PV systems on the roofs of all suitable branches

Committed to developing its business sustainably, Covers is to install AZUR SOLAR Systems' solar PV systems on the roofs of all its suitable branches including its Chichester, Bognor, Portsmouth and Brighton locations. Solar PV will enable Covers to meet a significant proportion of its own energy needs. Importantly, the installations form part of a wider commercial relationship with AZUR SOLAR. Each branch will operate as an AZUR reference site, allowing Covers to promote the financial and... [more]

Az SMART: Az SMART project aims at drawing solar and other renewable energy companies to Arizona

A major research effort led by Arizona State University and initially funded through a grant from Science Foundation Arizona is analyzing how best to use solar and other sustainable energy throughout the state. A top official from the U.S. Department of Energy, Undersecretary Kristina Johnson, recently visited the project, and other VIPs are coming soon. The hope is that the Az SMART project will provide an example for other states to follow in President Obamaís plan to reduce emissions, redu... [more]

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: Large amounts of wind and solar can be incorporated onto the grid without a lot of backup generation

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Department of Energy is investing more than $26 million to further study the Western transmission interconnection, which will help states, utilities, and grid operators prepare for future growth in energy demand, renewable energy resources, and Smart Grid technologies. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory has released an initial study assessing the operational impacts and economics of increased contributions from wind and solar energy ... [more]

Active Array: Active Array wireless application offers improved performance and increased safety for arrays of photovoltaic modules

TwentyNinety has launched Active Arrayô, a low cost wireless application which offers improved performance and increased safety for arrays of photovoltaic (PV) modules. A hardware and software solution designed and developed by TwentyNinety, Active Array provides module level control, offering unique management, control and safety benefits for the manufacturer, the installer and the end user. The wireless technology greatly reduces hardware cost and simplifies installation, while providing s... [more]

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