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Q-Cells SE: Q.SMART thin film solar module generates 2.5 percent power boost above Nominal Power

Q-Cells SE has introduced Q.SMART, a high-yield and high-efficiency thin film module, designed to maximize power output and return-on-investment in distributed solar generation. With aperture efficiencies of up to 14.7 percent, Q.SMART holds the world record for thin film modules in serial production since 2009. Q.SMART’s unique CIGS technology is the only thin film solar technology that does not initially degrade in the first years of operation. Q.SMART harnesses a “light-soaking” effect to ... [more]

Q-Cells: ATS and Q-Cells join forces to serve solar opportunities in the Ontario market

ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc. and Q-Cells SE have established a joint venture for the development of large scale renewable energy projects in Ontario. ATS and Q-Cells each hold a 50 percent interest in the project development company Ontario Solar PV Fields Inc., which received conditional Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) contracts from the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) in April for seven Ontario ground mounted projects totaling 64 megawatts (MW). The projects represent approximately 10 percent of ... [more]

Qatar Solar Technologies: SolarWorld invests in Qatar Solar Technologies

Qatar is one of the world’s largest supplier countries for natural gas that has so far been securing its power supply on the basis of natural gas. SolarWorld is acquiring a 29 percent stake in the newly founded Joint Venture Qatar Solar Technologies headquartered in the Emirate of Qatar. The joint venture will establish the first production facility for polysilicon on the Arabian Peninsula. Partners are the Qatar Foundation (70 percent) and the Qatar Development Bank (1 percent). Qatar So... [more]

QuantaSol: QuantaSol licenses University of Houston dilute nitride materials to simplify its solar cell manufacturing process

QuantaSol Ltd has exclusively licensed advanced materials growth technology from the University of Houston to make its manufacturing process simpler and cheaper, while further improving solar cell efficiency. “We’ve already tested the benefits of using Houston’s dilute nitride materials in the way we engineer quantum wells in our cells,” said Keith Barnham, CSO and co-founder of QuantaSol. “The exclusive worldwide licence is a strategic move to ensure we maintain our performance advantage, an... [more]

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